International Trading Service

As your outsourcing partner we provide a cost-effective access to various services usually provided by the export department of major corporations, without the expenses or burdens associated with the introduction of your product line overseas or the overhead generated with a fully staffed Export Department. Selling overseas can be as simple as receiving an Export Purchase Order by scanned document or fax!
We pay the supplier in a fashion similar to a typical domestic transaction and international transaction. Buyer may want to pay directly to original production company.
We load at the doorstep of the plant and arrange inland and ocean freight.
We remove the "headaches" connected with the International Trade.
We provide the necessary information to develop multilingual presentations, product specifications - a necessity if your product line is to have a commercial success in the overseas markets. Verify the acceptability of international specifications or standards used during the manufacturing process.
We prepare shipping documents and negotiate International Payments.
We relieve you from all the issues connected with the complexities and time-consuming international paperwork (documentation)!
We help with merchandising and promotional issues together with marketing and sales advice